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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

25 Aug

I love taking photos of cities,  people on the street, street art, just life as you pass through the street..

Here are a few pics of one of my favorite cities in the world, NY.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

4 Aug

My Love.

He grow up, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate nap time.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

27 Jul

Balloons at the Paris gay pride parade

An orchid at The Orchid Show that was hosted at the NY botanical gardens this year.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

7 Jul

Not a lot to say today, a busy and cranky day.

Tomorrow will be better.

Sydney Luna Park – New Year’s Eve, 2011

Paris metro – 2011

Coney Island – 2012

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

29 Jun

My deepest apologies goes to all the people I ever invaded their privacy.

Almost every time I have a camera in my hand, which is quite often, I start with taking pics of the view and of me and my friends, but in the end, what defines a places atmosphere, its feeling, are the people.

Usually I snap my pictures without the subject noticing me, but every once in a while I get “caught”.

Once someone yelled at me to delete the photos, apparently he was some wannabe celebrity in L.A and thought I was the paparazzi.
In another time, the nice old couple asked to see the photo, they got so excited I ended up emailing it to them and got a wedding gig (their granddaughter) because of it.

I guess you never know.

Went to the park to snap some new “moments” photos, all were taken during the same 10 minutes, at twilight (perfect lighting), on my way from the metro back home.

A moment of tranquility

A moment for love

A family moment

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

23 Jun

Well, if it wasn’t obvious by now, I love street-art in all its glory and daring.
The ability to create something beautiful from nothing is just something I adore.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

15 Jun

Well, I had to put some thought in it, but here are a couple of things which I saw fit to call “close”…

close together –

close to each other –

close to god –