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Travel theme: Signs

12 Aug

The “Tongariro Crossing” is one of the more famous and hardest day walks in NZ.
It’s the most commonly walked part of a largest Trek named the “Tongariro Northern Circuit”, which takes about 3-4 days.

I did the whole circuit and it was breathtaking (literally, it’s quite steep at some points). After 3 days, and the beautiful lakes, all of a sudden, the scenery changed and was a bit boring for me, so when I saw this sign at the parking lot (which meant that it was over) –  I was a tad relieved.

Oh DOC signs… I miss you so much.

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Travel theme: Flowers

27 Jul

So, this was an easy one.

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Travel theme: Night

6 Jul

I have tons of photos of Paris at night, it’s beautiful and inspiring, but I thought of something totally different for this week entry when I saw its title.
Not exactly night, more like “Dark”.

 Waitomo caves in NZ.

Went caving there 2 years ago, mainly, because it’s full of glow worms.
During the whole time in the cave you don’t really see them, just the strings, but the second you turn off your lights, everything goes dark and you see their blue light everywhere.

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Travel theme: Parks

26 Jun

Well, for this week travel theme Alisa had picked parks.
I’m a bit of a nature person, the contrast between a blue sky and the green from the trees is something I live for, so picking just one park was difficult.

Jardin du Luxembourg is the park where I spend a lot of my time these days, so I’m focusing on it. I find that parisian gardens has a tendency to be a bit overwhelming at times, everything is very strict, each flower cut in perfect symmetry to the flower across from it, it misses the whole point of nature and a natural gardens from time to time.

Still, the peace and quiet, the locals having a picnic, the tourist with their maps, the families with the kids, the old reading a book, I love it all.
Most sunny days, you will see me, right in front of the lake, with my nose in a book (see my reading list for that).

This was taken in the winter but I couldn’t help but to post it anyway.

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