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Every Thursday

18 Sep
God doesn’t want me to blog. or sleep. or stop catching colds on airplanes, there’s no other explanation for all that been going on lately.

But, in general, I’m good, going home for a visit in a few days, haven’t been there in a few months and I can’t wait to catch up with some great friends…

I’ve uploaded, finally, all the pics from my card, it’s funny to look at it together and to see where I’ve been and all the things I did.
So, here is a photo (or 2) from each thursday, just a small taste of my summer.
Emma (who is going to actually reply to comments one of this days).
20.7.12 – Road trip in Romania
27.7.12 – Nice
3.8.12 – Had a small get-together with friends on the seine and got photographed by many tourists on cruises.
10.8.12 – Stumbled across this sign in the street, took it as a sign, literally: planning a long trip to AU
17.8.12 – Talked on the phone for 2 hours about work, got bored and started taking pictures and abusing filters…
24.8.12 – My friend got dumped, we gained 5 pounds each.
31.8.12 – Had the best Italian food I had ever eaten.
7.9.12 – Went to Italy, again, maybe I should just move there?
14.9.12 – Watched “Cleopatra” with my neighbours outside on the street.
18.9.12 – (today) It got colder here in paris during the last 2 weeks, wore a coat for the first time this season and bought amazing sweaters and boots – ready for winter.

Nice, France

19 Aug

Stresa and Isola-Bella, Italy

29 Jun

I had a crazy week, so I’m just now uploading pics from my small trip..

Stresa is a town is on the shores of the Lago (Lake) Maggiore in northern Italy, from there a regular ferry service takes you to Isola Bella.

Even though these small towns are really touristy, I recommend spending a day here just walking around the small streets, eating good Italian food, walking around the palace and the gardens and basically just enjoying the view…

Isola-Bella as viewed from the ferry.

Milan, Italy

25 Jun

I’m in love with italy.

I was there for the first time this year, and I keep coming back, so for time number 3 I went to the north again. Had a great time, it’s so warm compared with my rainy paris that I was actually able to catch some sun.

So to sum it up: after the view, the coffee, the italian guys, the italian language, all the great pasta and ice cream; now I can die happy.

If you plan on visiting italy here’s a tip: italy railway is really cheap, and it gets everywhere. It makes traveling so easy (no cars and gas, no hitch hiking…)

In this post are the photos from Milan, it’s a bit boring to my taste, but it has its charm…
The next post will be about Stresa, a beutiful little town at Lake Maggiore..

How very “NY in the 80’s” is to see the graffiti on the metro carts..

This is the essence of Italy for me: guys in suits, a girl on a vespa and cheap amazing coffee


14 Jun
Went to Bercy yesterday, it’s such a nice part of paris that it is often overlooked by tourists and locals as one and that’s just ridiculous in my opinion.
If you get off at Cour Saint-Émilion metro stop (line 14) you are right at the entrance to “Bercy village”, which is one of the cutest places to wine and dine during a sunny day in paris. It’s basically full of restaurants and chic little shops, plus, at the end of the boulevard there’s a huge UGC movie theater if you want to catch a movie.
There are a lot of little passages the connects the boulevard with the surrounding streets, they are showcasing different artists and their work, the photos on show now are a bit eccentric and absolutely hilarious…
Right behind the metro station is Parc de Bercy, that is always worth a quick look, you can just walk along it until you reach the metro station Bercy (no need to double back).
While walking the park you will see the cinematheque francaise, that right now features the Tim Burton exhibition, that’s definitely worth going to.
Had a little break from all the rain and went crazy with the camera…
(Poor thing, took him a while to get out of the water…)

Ailsa’s Photo Challenge: Oceans

10 Jun

Found a great blog, Alisa is having an ocean theme, just couldn’t help it..

Noosa – Sunrise beach, Australia, during a perfect day for surfing…

One of my favorite places in the world

Byron bay, Australia, a couple of mintes after sunrise, a great way to start your day