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Summer time in Paris

18 Aug

Hi all

Haven’t been posting lately, been depressed, jobless, happy, and full of work in the same month, mood swings are a bitch, now all is good but I’m just super busy.

Paris is gorgeous in the summer time, boiling hot (35 degrees) but amazing.

Here are some pics to show you what I mean.



random street art somewhere at the marais

paris plage

watching the olympic games at hotel de ville

having a picnic at parc de bercy with great homemade tiramisu


Milan, Italy

25 Jun

I’m in love with italy.

I was there for the first time this year, and I keep coming back, so for time number 3 I went to the north again. Had a great time, it’s so warm compared with my rainy paris that I was actually able to catch some sun.

So to sum it up: after the view, the coffee, the italian guys, the italian language, all the great pasta and ice cream; now I can die happy.

If you plan on visiting italy here’s a tip: italy railway is really cheap, and it gets everywhere. It makes traveling so easy (no cars and gas, no hitch hiking…)

In this post are the photos from Milan, it’s a bit boring to my taste, but it has its charm…
The next post will be about Stresa, a beutiful little town at Lake Maggiore..

How very “NY in the 80’s” is to see the graffiti on the metro carts..

This is the essence of Italy for me: guys in suits, a girl on a vespa and cheap amazing coffee

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

23 Jun

Well, if it wasn’t obvious by now, I love street-art in all its glory and daring.
The ability to create something beautiful from nothing is just something I adore.

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Travel theme: Secret Places

15 Jun

This week on Where’s my backpack? the theme for the weekly challenge is Secret Places

It’s not exactly a hidden place, more like hidden street art.
Paris is full of street art, on walls and doors, at the metro stops, on traffic signs, basically – on every surface of the city you can imagine, you just need to look.
It come in all forms, graffiti, posters, stickers, mosaics, sketches, engravings and what not.

When I was walking one day to meet a friend, I happened to meet this guy here, and honest to god, the thing that came out of my mouth was “found Waldo!”
Since then I met him in 7 other random places in the city, always where you least expect him. The photo is from the first time I found him, afterwards it became sort of a quest to find him with that same friend, every time we do it’s a little triumph for us.