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Every Thursday

18 Sep
God doesn’t want me to blog. or sleep. or stop catching colds on airplanes, there’s no other explanation for all that been going on lately.

But, in general, I’m good, going home for a visit in a few days, haven’t been there in a few months and I can’t wait to catch up with some great friends…

I’ve uploaded, finally, all the pics from my card, it’s funny to look at it together and to see where I’ve been and all the things I did.
So, here is a photo (or 2) from each thursday, just a small taste of my summer.
Emma (who is going to actually reply to comments one of this days).
20.7.12 – Road trip in Romania
27.7.12 – Nice
3.8.12 – Had a small get-together with friends on the seine and got photographed by many tourists on cruises.
10.8.12 – Stumbled across this sign in the street, took it as a sign, literally: planning a long trip to AU
17.8.12 – Talked on the phone for 2 hours about work, got bored and started taking pictures and abusing filters…
24.8.12 – My friend got dumped, we gained 5 pounds each.
31.8.12 – Had the best Italian food I had ever eaten.
7.9.12 – Went to Italy, again, maybe I should just move there?
14.9.12 – Watched “Cleopatra” with my neighbours outside on the street.
18.9.12 – (today) It got colder here in paris during the last 2 weeks, wore a coat for the first time this season and bought amazing sweaters and boots – ready for winter.

Summer time in Paris

18 Aug

Hi all

Haven’t been posting lately, been depressed, jobless, happy, and full of work in the same month, mood swings are a bitch, now all is good but I’m just super busy.

Paris is gorgeous in the summer time, boiling hot (35 degrees) but amazing.

Here are some pics to show you what I mean.



random street art somewhere at the marais

paris plage

watching the olympic games at hotel de ville

having a picnic at parc de bercy with great homemade tiramisu

Soap Bubbles

2 Aug

It’s been a crazy time for me, the trip I took to Romania was wonderful (should really post about it already come to think about it), but ever since I got back I can’t seem to be able to find my┬árhythm back. The loss of my camera has been devastating, I’m doing my best to cope, but basically I’m jobless until I sort it out.

So, in order to shake things up and start a new optimistic time for me, here are a couple of shots that made me smile today.


Catacombs of Paris

17 Jul

Visiting the Catacombs was one my “to do list” for a very long time.
This weekend I completed the task, the best tip I can give you: the place opens on 10am, come an hour before to stand in line and maybe it won’t be as horrible as it was for me, I came at 9:30 and stood there for almost 2 hours (this time I was determined to go, usually I see the line and run away)

For Information about the history, opening hours and location click here.

Note – I apologize for the quality of the photos, the lighting there is supposed to be all creepy, but it’s just a photographer hell, so I had to use a flash every ones in a while..

“Stop! here is the empire of the dead

Notice the heart and the crossDeath by natural causes?

The Paris Pride Parade – Marche des Fiertes LGBT

30 Jun

It was awesome.

After 5 hour in the sun I’m not very articulate, so forgive me,
What I can say is this: this wasn’t my first parade, not my last hopefully, and I absolutely loved it, all the music, the colorful people, each free to live thier life how ever they choose, I find it marvelous. I know we still have a long way to go in referring to gay rights, but if you compare it it 20 years back, we are in a pretty good place right now.

My card currently holds about 1200 photos (I was working for a newspaper and it’s so easy to go wild in a situation like this), so going through everything will take a while. Here is a great tase of it, put some very loud club music, kick back, and watch it with a good beer in reach.

I’m going to try and remove all the glitter of my face and hair, and check out all the freebies I got (no need to buy condoms for the next year)…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

29 Jun

My deepest apologies goes to all the people I ever invaded their privacy.

Almost every time I have a camera in my hand, which is quite often, I start with taking pics of the view and of me and my friends, but in the end, what defines a places atmosphere, its feeling, are the people.

Usually I snap my pictures without the subject noticing me, but every once in a while I get “caught”.

Once someone yelled at me to delete the photos, apparently he was some wannabe celebrity in L.A and thought I was the paparazzi.
In another time, the nice old couple asked to see the photo, they got so excited I ended up emailing it to them and got a wedding gig (their granddaughter) because of it.

I guess you never know.

Went to the park to snap some new “moments” photos, all were taken during the same 10 minutes, at twilight (perfect lighting), on my way from the metro back home.

A moment of tranquility

A moment for love

A family moment

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Travel theme: Parks

26 Jun

Well, for this week travel theme Alisa had picked parks.
I’m a bit of a nature person, the contrast between a blue sky and the green from the trees is something I live for, so picking just one park was difficult.

Jardin du Luxembourg is the park where I spend a lot of my time these days, so I’m focusing on it. I find that parisian gardens has a tendency to be a bit overwhelming at times, everything is very strict, each flower cut in perfect symmetry to the flower across from it, it misses the whole point of nature and a natural gardens from time to time.

Still, the peace and quiet, the locals having a picnic, the tourist with their maps, the families with the kids, the old reading a book, I love it all.
Most sunny days, you will see me, right in front of the lake, with my nose in a book (see my reading list for that).

This was taken in the winter but I couldn’t help but to post it anyway.

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