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14 Jun
Went to Bercy yesterday, it’s such a nice part of paris that it is often overlooked by tourists and locals as one and that’s just ridiculous in my opinion.
If you get off at Cour Saint-Émilion metro stop (line 14) you are right at the entrance to “Bercy village”, which is one of the cutest places to wine and dine during a sunny day in paris. It’s basically full of restaurants and chic little shops, plus, at the end of the boulevard there’s a huge UGC movie theater if you want to catch a movie.
There are a lot of little passages the connects the boulevard with the surrounding streets, they are showcasing different artists and their work, the photos on show now are a bit eccentric and absolutely hilarious…
Right behind the metro station is Parc de Bercy, that is always worth a quick look, you can just walk along it until you reach the metro station Bercy (no need to double back).
While walking the park you will see the cinematheque francaise, that right now features the Tim Burton exhibition, that’s definitely worth going to.
Had a little break from all the rain and went crazy with the camera…
(Poor thing, took him a while to get out of the water…)

Summer time in Paris

18 Aug

Hi all

Haven’t been posting lately, been depressed, jobless, happy, and full of work in the same month, mood swings are a bitch, now all is good but I’m just super busy.

Paris is gorgeous in the summer time, boiling hot (35 degrees) but amazing.

Here are some pics to show you what I mean.



random street art somewhere at the marais

paris plage

watching the olympic games at hotel de ville

having a picnic at parc de bercy with great homemade tiramisu